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Visiting New York City after Achilles Rupture

2016-03-27 14.10.27
In March for my son’s spring break, I promised my son he could visit any city he wants. He said he wanted to go see Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and go see an NBA game. So plans we made for a father and son trip! I wasn’t as nervous as I’ve already flew and gone on previous trips. The only minor concern was all the walking. I started using Android Fit app synced with my smartwatch which counts how many steps I take. I was looking forward to see how much walking I would be doing. I also reminded myself to not force it. With a 7 year old child, don’t be a hero to try to keep up. If I was tired, just use uber or lyft! Want $50 credit for your first lyft ride? click here. (Disclaimer – I get something too.)

The entire trip went smooth. The only snag was the 3 hour delay we encountered when we left LAX. It was really surprising as Virgin is very good about departure times. Our 10pm arrival time got pushed back to 1am.  Not the way you want to start a vacation with a 7 year old but oh well.

When we arrived in NYC, I had three options to get to my friend’s apartment – lyft / uber, yellow cab, or Asian taxi service. Upon landing, I checked quotes for lyft / uber and seemed reasonable but I wasn’t sure about the pickup arrangements. Yellow cab lines were really long. I decided to call the Asian taxi service. Boy was I glad! The pickup area for cabs, lyft, and uber were a big mess. There were cars waiting for their passengers mixed with passenger cars as well as limos. You wouldn’t be able to tell this was a 1:30am in the morning.

Despite being in March, we had great weather. First day it was actually in the high 70’s and we were way over dressed. After taking a walk around Battery park, Statue of Libery, Ellis Island, and walk around Greenwhich Village, I was beat. We took a Lyft back to the apt.

2nd day also had a lot of walking. But the good thing about New York City is that there are Lyft / uber everywhere. I secured a 20% discount throughout my trip so it was extra nice perk to have.

All in all, we had a wonderful time. No strains or swelling in my Achilles but it was noticeably weaker. Something I need to work on.