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Brandon Jennings recovery timeline

I was watching ESPN when I saw on the ticker that Brandon Jennings of Detroit Pistons likely suffered a torn Achilles during the game against Milwaukee Bucks. An MRI conducted today confirmed the rupture. I cringed as I knew exactly what he went through. I saw the actual footage of the rupture and it brought back flashbacks of when my left Achilles ruptured. I also sympathize with him as recovery will be slow and his season is officially over. The sequence went like this. The Bucks was trying to inbound the ball at the sideline. O.J. Mayo quickly gave him a push to gain some distance between himself and Brandon Jennings. As Jennings tried to close the gap, he overextends his left Achilles where the rupture occurs. He is then carried off the court by teammates and wheeled off into the locker toom for x-rays.

Here is the video. (Warning: may be graphic to some..)

Here is his projected recovery timeline:

Jan 26 – Surgery
Feb 9 – Start light rehab – non weight bearing
Feb 23 – Crutches and boot – 50% weight bearing
March 12 – Single crutch and boot – 50% weight bearing
March 26 – Lose the crutches but still with boot – 75% weight bearing
April 26 – 100% weight bearing with no restriction when walking
-gradually ease to non impact exercises like cycling, rowing, can be swimming already, anti gravity exercise machinese-
Aug  (6 months) – start jogging, running, jumping, shooting. Non contact.
Oct  (8 months) – Sprinting, contact sports.

If all goes as well, he should be ready for pre-season but may miss first few weeks of the 2015 – 2016 NBA season. I wish him smooth recovery.