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Day 3 – MRI Result

Day 3 of my Achilles rupture was uneventful which I imagined. I just needed to get the result of the MRI and proceed to find an orthopedic surgeon which was in itself a challenge. I had never shopped for a surgeon before. The previous surgery I had was through a medical group where I was not afforded to select my surgeon. Everything worked out and it wasn’t a major surgery so I wasn’t too particularly concerned. This time it was different. I received a call from my chiropractor who notified me that I had a FULL rupture, not a partial tear. My mindset changed a bit. He reminded me that I am now a candidate for surgery. Whatever hope of conservative recovery option of non-surgery was likely off the table. I was planning on having surgery anyway but now the question is when. Most information I read regarding Achilles surgery indicated that the best time to have surgery was within 2 weeks. Below is not my MRI but this is similar to what I saw. I’m unable to extract my MRI without the proper software / device.


My chiropractor gave me a three names who he highly recommends and I went ahead and called them. Out of the 3, I was only able to reach the office of one of them located about 15 miles away. A bit further away than I would like but nonetheless I didn’t have much of a choice. They proceed to tell me that the next available appointment was the following Thursday. I dropped my chiropractor’s name and they fit me in the same Thursday. The first orthopedic appointment is booked.