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Achilles Injury and Business Trip

achilles travelI just got back from a 3 week long business trip. This was the business trip I was supposed to take back in 2014 but had to cancel because I ruptured my Achilles. Good thing I didn’t book any non refundable tickets or hotels! But time has come where I felt confident I could travel internationally but was still a little anxious for the trip. To overcome any nervousness, I typically do whatever I can to control the variables and unknown of the trip as possible. I review all flight options and book each hotel personally. In this trip, I went across 3 countries, 7 flights, 5 hotels in 21 days. Yes, you heard that correctly!

My biggest concern was with the long queues which you often encounter at various country’s immigration processing. In all the countries I’ve visited (and return to US), I have had bad experiences. Before the trip, I bought new walking shoes. Something really comfortable with lots of support. I got some Nike Air Max on sale at the outlet for only $40! This is when I miss having a handicap placard. But even so, I doubt I would feel comfortable getting wheeled around in a wheelchair when I am capable of walking with no noticeable limp.

I went to two countries. First country was in India where I had a chauffeur with me pretty much at all times. Also, there were a number of Uber like taxi apps so I didn’t have to walk long distance at all. Interestingly, I was able to exercise at the hotel gym almost every day which was great. I’ve been at this hotel before and being that it was only 10 min from my office, I had lots of time to work out in the morning. The only thing I was bummed about was not able to swim because of a burn I had on my arm which got infected.

The 2nd trip was to the U.K. The immigration queue was a nightmare. It took a full hour to get through and I tried to pass the time by reading a book I took with me. I am quite experienced traveler and had a carry on which has wheels so I never had to carry more weight than my own at any instance. Hindsight, I could’ve sat on my carry on but I didn’t. By the time I got out of the airport, it was already 8pm and I called it a night.

The following day, I spent walking around and traveling around London. This was the biggest challenge for me the entire trip as I had to walk and travel using the tube (subway) and bus. I started the day at 9am until 7pm. My pedometer said I walked 40,000 steps! I did my best to find a bench and a place to sit and rest as much as I could but by the end of the day, I was extremely exhausted and noticeable pain on my Achilles. I took some pain medication and went to sleep. I was fine the following morning.

The remainder of the trip was fine. I was a bit concerned about wearing dress shoes but I didn’t have much issues. Every time I ventured out or if I knew I would do a lot of walking, I would put on my Air Max. All in all, it was a good trip and it gave me confidence that I can do more and my recovery was on track.