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Achilles Recovery and Legoland

Legoland: My first challenge since my Achilles surgery is about to happen. We love to take short trips and being in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of wonderful places to visit. My kids have been wanting to go Legoland for a while but I dreaded the walking, standing, and waiting in line pretty much the whole day. This would also be the first true test of the strength and endurance of my Achilles. I already had a game plan and set the expectation for my kids. I told them that daddy will do his best to go through everything and participate on all the rides but daddy may not be able to line up with you and go on all rides. They understood. This made things easier and less pressure on me to perform. They were actually more behaved than previous trips too 🙂

I stayed at the nearby hotel which had a shuttle so I didn’t have to drive to Legoland. The hotel also had its own entrance which was a quick walk away so I can go back after or even take a break back at the hotel if I wanted to.  I knew that wouldn’t be necessary. First, I went to the customer service and inquired about the wheelchair. It cost money to rent it so I passed. It wasn’t like I couldn’t walk but I was just curious. One mistake I made is that I should’ve brought my handicap placard. Had I brought my handicap placard, I would’ve been entitled to a ‘fastpass’ which would’ve allowed me to skip the lines. I actually did think about this but didn’t feel comfortable skipping the lines when I didn’t appear handicap. That’s why I went to inquire about the wheelchair 🙂

The day went smooth. I did feel tight with all the waiting and walking around the hills. I pick and chose my rides and also spent a good time sitting where I could find a nice and shaded bench. My wife was superior. Anytime they wanted to stop to get a drink, she would take the kids. Same with the restroom. Overall, I think we spent the same amount of time at Legoland as we would have when I was fully capable. I was quite exhausted that evening and put some ice on my foot. I had no pain the following day which is a GREAT sign! Can’t wait for my next challenge!

Introduction and Timeline

On Oct 13, 2014, I ruptured my left Achilles. At the time of the rupture, I was a healthy 35 year old male, 6′ 2″ and about 210lbs. My physical fitness was semi-active. I work from home but try to manage cycling 1-2 times a week and play full court basketball at least once a week. So I wasn’t completely out of shape but I wasn’t in super great shape either.

In hindsight, I don’t think you can pinpoint the cause of the rupture. I played competitive sports throughout high school and lettered in volleyball, basketball, and soccer all 4 years. I put my body during those years very hard. I was young so I thought. Much of my problems came from my knees but never any foot or ankle problems.

About a year before the rupture, I did see the doctor to have my left Achilles checked out. I often would wake up in the morning with a very stiff left foot. The doctor indicated it there was some swelling on my Achilles and was diagnosed with tendonosis. I was given a few leg strengthening exercises and off I went. One more checkup and the pain went away. Laziness got the better of me and I stopped doing the exercises. At no point did the doctor say there was going to be a risk of a rupture. Thinking back, it was likely precursor to the full rupture.

Here is a timeline view of my blog posts of my recovery.

Oct 13 2014 – The Rupture
Oct 14 2014 – visit chiropractor, MRI
Oct 15 2014 – MRI confirm full rupture
Oct 16 2014 – Dr. L. No surgery date. Soft cast taken off
Oct 17 2014 – iwalk arrives
Oct 18 2014 – First Weekend
Oct 21 2014 – Dr. J. Surgery confirmed for Tuesday Oct 23
Oct 23 2014 – Surgery
Oct 23 2014 – Immense Pain Post Surgery
Oct 25 2014 – Side effects
Oct 29 2014 – Pain in Calf / Cast Removed
Oct 31 2014 – Nutrition post Achilles surgery
Nov 4 2014 – Post Op appt, stitches removed, limited exercises
Nov 14 2014 – physical therapy
Nov 18 2014 – Post Op appt – 50% weight bearing
Nov 21 2014 – physical therapy
Nov 24 2014 – physical therapy – 75% weight bearing
Dec 1 2014 – physical therapy
Dec 3 2014 – physical therapy
Dec 8 2014- physical therapy
Dec 10 2014 – physical therapy
Dec 15 2014 – physical therapy
Dec 16 2014 – Post Op appt – No crutches!
Dec 17 2014 – physical therapy – 50-50 Boots
Dec 22 2014 – physical therapy –
Dec 29 2014 – physical therapy – no boots
Jan 13 2015 – Post Op appt
Jan 21 2015 – physical therapy
Jan 23 2015 – 3 months post op update!
Jan 28 2015 – physical therapy
Feb 4 2015 – physical therapy
Feb 12 2015 – Legoland Trip!
Mar 11 2015 – 4 months post op
March 26 2015 – 5 months post op and end of physical therapy
May 2 2015 – Business Trip
June 29 2015 – 8 months post op
Oct 2 2015 – Jogging
Dec 18 2015 – one year and 2 months post op
Jan 4 2016 – Back to basketball!
March 25, 2016 – Visiting New York City after Achilles Rupture
Nov13, 2016- Two years update