Achilles Post Op – 50% weight bearing

Roughly 3 weeks after my Achilles surgery, I had my 2nd post operation appointment with Dr. J. Everything was going smooth. Very little progress was felt on my end as I was still in my boot majority of the time and I was 0% weight bearing which meant I was not allowed to put any weight on it. At most, the only exercise I was getting was just moving my toes and pressing my foot against the boot and sofa. After this appointment, the doctor cleared me to be 50% weight bearing. I honestly wasn’t sure what this meant. After discussing, he explained that I could place my foot on the ground as I used my crutches. This meant a bit of a change in my routine as I was on my iWalk when I moved from point A to B. I now I had have my crutches with me and place my left food on the ground as I moved.

Here is a video on how to walk with 50% weight bearing on the foot with Achilles surgery.